Thursday, October 18, 2018



TimesheetsOnline Screenshots
Timeclock Entry
  The calender interface shows available days to enter hours.
Clicking on a day 'opens' that day for entering hours.
Timesheet Approval
  This shows each day's recorded entries and associated work centers.
Payroll Report
  Algorithms process hours worked rendering the payroll centers according to your state's basic labor laws. Custom algorithms may also be created to fit your company's specific requirements.
Daily Hours
  Manage the week's work by seeing payroll centers and costs as the week progresses.
Work Center Report
  Each work center is displayed with associated hours and cost.
Benefits and Contributions
  Track benefits and contributions showing amounts accrued and disbursed including sick leave, vacation and comp time.
  View Year-to-Date hours worked and wages paid for each employee.
These are just a few of the features in TimesheetsOnline
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